Indie Manga from the Tokyo Underground

The Future
Gen is the future of manga. Gen is for people who grew up with manga, but want something new. Gen is for people who have never read manga, but want something off the beaten path.

Many manga readers will know the word shounen. GEN brings you the next step up, seinen. Seinen is for those who demand to see their lives reflected beyond the playgrounds of childhood. GEN is for a more mature audience.

The word doujinshi is tied to the western idea of indie or underground. Artists that we publish have made work for the love of the medium and based on their own pure creativity. We bring you these stories first.

Come and join our community and be a part of GEN Manga. We believe that readers want more than only safe mainstream titles. You can read something new here, let us know what you think, and we’ll keep it in mind as we continue to bring you new work.

原GEN (gěn) is prounouced with a hard G as in “get.” It comes from the Japanese kanji 原 which can be translated as “original,” as used in the word 原因 (genin) meaning “the origin.”